Cable Q&A


Here on the cables Q&A page you find loads of information in regards to all aspects of electrical cable.

From how to decipher the product descriptions to additional information relating to the specific cable in question. If for some reason you cannot find the information listed below, we are simply just a phone call away to answer all of your question.

So please look through the Q&A below to see if we have your question already answered.


Are all the products you have, listed online?

Yes and No. All products listed online are products we sell and either have in-stock or can order in-stock at your convenience. However if you cannot find a cable here on website that doesn’t mean we cant get it for you. Simple call us on (03) 64318660 if you are looking for that special cable.


What is the Volt rating for the given cable?

At this stage this information is not included for every cable listed on our website. For further information please us call (03) 64318660.


Where can I buy Cables Plus cable from?

Cables Plus Tas do not sell to the public, however you can find our complete range for sale through electrical wholesalers here in Tasmania. Simply click here to find an electrical wholesaler near you.


If a product is in stock, how long will it take for delivery?

Cables Plus ship-out to wholesalers on a daily basis and depending on your location and time of order, you could receive your order the same day. If you see we have stock of a product, then call your local wholesaler today!


What’s the difference between (V90) (R90) (R110)?

Maximum operating temperature and current carrying capacity.


What does intrinsically safe mean?

Normally means a higher insulation rating on cable and the cable normally has a blue coloured sheath. ie: Instrument cable HV Blue used in flameproof situations like in a fuel depot.